Organization of the Medical Society
Goshen, N.Y., 1st day of July 1806

"Agreeable to a law of the State of New York, passed the fourth day of April, 1806, entitled ‘An Act to incorporate Medical Societies for the purpose of regulating the practice of Physic and Surgery in this State,’ the physicians and surgeons of Orange County met at the Court House in Goshen on Tuesday, the first day of July, 1806."

"Drs. Jonathan Swezy, Chairman (pro tem), Thomas Wickham, Clerk (pro tem), Elijah Randall, William Elmer, William Elliott, Samuel S. Seward, Benjamin S. Hoyt, Nathaniel Elmer, Elisha DuBois, Charles Fowler, David R. Arnell, Samuel Warner, William McCoppin, Aaron M. Smith, William Gourley, Elihu Hedges, Eleazer Gedney, Ethan Watson, Cornelius Roosa, James Bradner, Henry I. Hornbeck and Elijah Welch were present and produced their several licenses to practice physic. The Society then proceeded to organize and elect officers when the following gentlemen were elected for the ensuing year: Dr. Jonathan Swezy, President; Dr. Samuel S. Seward, Vice-President; Dr. Nathaniel Elmer, Secretary; and Dr. Thomas Wickham, Treasurer".

"Drs. Anthony Davis, Joseph Houston, Joseph Whelan and Jonathan Hedges were, upon examination, licensed to practice physic and surgery in this State and admitted members to this Society. Dr. David R. Arnell was elected delegate to the Medical Society of the State of New York."

"Drs. Anthony Davis, Elisha DuBois, Charles Fowler, Joseph Whelan and Cornelius Davis were appointed censors".